Crazy Shakes

“Life is short, eat desserts first.”

so yesterday my cousin and i went to Grassroof Farmstall and coffee shop. We have been waiting for this moment for a very, very long time, we even decided to add in a exercise the day before, because its all about living that balanced life! lol. Grassroof Farmstall has these giant milkshakes that will give you a sugar rush, its not on the menu but you just ask for a “crazy shake”.


  • if you want a cheat meal, go to grassroof
  • if you want a sugar rush, go to grassroof
  • if you don’t want to fit into your pants, go to grassroof
  • if you want a food baby, go to grassroof
  • if you like people staring at you(thinking how can they eat all that), go to grassroof

i think you get the point. It was worth it though. absolutely amazing.




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