Editorial Makeup vs Instagram Makeup.

“If it makes you feel beautiful, then do it.”


So I absolutely love makeup, i don’t wear makeup to impress boys or anyone, i do it for myself, its a form of art, an expression and a passion. I believe that there is nothing more beautiful than a fresh face, just the way God created us. I love going without makeup and i am not ashamed of my face without makeup. buuuutttt i love wearing it.

In this blog i will talk about the difference between editorial makeup, and instagram makeup. I also created two makeup looks to show the difference. lets jump straight into it.

What is Editorial makeup?

Editorial makeup is the makeup looks that makeup artists would do on models for fashion shows, and the looks that you would normally see in fashion magazines. Because fashion shows are about the clothing, the makeup look would be very simple, yet different and not something you would want to wear out on the street. You can if you want to.

The makeup would consist of nude or bold lips, one color eye shadow, bushy brows, strange eye liner looks and a glossy finish to the face. It all depends on what the designer wants, and all the models makeup would look exactly the same. The models skin will actually look like skin, and freckles will be visible, very natural with maybe one strong focus, either lips or eyes.

 What is Instagram Makeup?

So Instagram makeup is characterized by the makeup you will see on social media and Youtube, for example @nikkietutourials @shanigrimmond @carlibel. Go check them out. This makeup is over the top in everyway, the skin is disguised by full-coverage foundation and contouring (which is a huge makeup trend right now, if not the biggest), winged eyeliner sharp enough to kill, cut-crease eyeshadow, big over drawn lips (who needs injections if you have makeup) and highlighter brighter than my future. oh and off course fake lashes.

SO i decided to re-create these two makeup looks to show you how big the difference is between makeup on a runway and makeup on social media.
New folder
Editorial vs Instagram

SO that’s my take on the two looks, i am not professional i just love doing makeup.

Let me know in the comments if you would like to see more makeup looks, including a everyday makeup look as well as what makeup i wear. And if i should do this every monday. #MakeupMonday

shoutout to all the makeup i haven’t bought yet…. im coming for you!


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