My Caribbean Tan


Hair gets lighter, Skin gets darker, water gets warmer and life gets better.

I love everything about summer, and for those who knows me will know i tan a lot and very easy, i am honestly lucky to sit in the sun for 2-3 hours without burning and i will wake up the next morning with a golden brown tan. Last summer i saw that i picked up some random new freckles on my chest and legs and i decided this year i’m not going to lay in the sun and tan but rather try something different and new to protect my skin from the very hot sun…….

20161023-2016-10-23 12.12.20 1.jpg


The thought of self tanning makes me nervous, i have seen the movies and read the stories, i do not want to turn orange! So i did my research and watched thousands of youtube videos to find the correct tan and to apply it in the right way.


so i tried caribbeantan professional self tan mouse, i chose the type B for medium complexion and got myself a tanning mitt also from caribbeantan.

Directions from the bottle:

  1. Exfoliate and wash off all excess oils at least 6 hours before application
  2. Shake the bottle well and pump the mouse onto your hand or the mitt
  3. Apply form legs upwards using circular motion
  4. Apply on the rest of your body
  5. Wash your palms with lukewarm water and soap
  6. Wait 8 hours before showering and wear loose fitting black clothes

I applied some moisturizer before tanning and i did it at night time and woke up with a tan. i absolutely love this product it smells nice and i did not turn orange, the tan is abit patchy on certain areas but i’m still learning how. The product is alcohol free, paraben free.

2016-10-23 02.56.05 1.jpg


2016-10-22 04.20.29 1.jpg            20161023-2016-10-23 02.52.43 1.jpg2016-10-23 02.56.29 1.jpg

Please comment what you think and if there is a different tanning product that i can try out, also please comment what i should blog about next.

lots of love 🙂

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