Editing Instagram photo’s | tips and tricks

“every picture tells a story”


Ever scrolled through your own Instagram and wondered how some people make their feed look thaaaaat good? yeah me too. It took me a long time to get my instagram to where it is now, and sometimes I’m still not happy.

So lets talk about Instagram photo’s and the best tips and tricks there is,  to help grow your instagram followers. First things first, you need to find the perfect photo, whether it’s a selfie or an outfit of the day post or even your food. Don’t be afraid to take more than 2 photo’s because at the end of the day you will have more to choose from.

Make sure your photo is of high quality, most of my pictures are taken from my phone unless I do a photoshoot, then i use my Nikon.

When you have the perfect photos, take it to an editing app, and don’t use your phone’s editing app or instagram, the app store provides awesome FREE editing apps  to make your photo’s bomb for example:




Now you can start editing, so you can start a theme, which is really important and i found these awesome tips on starting a theme and how to edit all your pictures the same.

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If you want a blue ocean theme, then you try and find the filter C1 and drag it to +1 and so on. This is a great way to find a theme, remember if you want an ocean feel, you are going to have to take ocean pictures, not food pictures and expect them to look like the ocean after applying the filter.

Another tip is to try and not post two selfies in a row or any type that is similar, for example if my previous photo I posted is a selfie I will break it up by posting a coffee pic or an outfit of the day pic.

How I edit my pictures for instagram.

I don’t use a filter so I take the picture load it to VSCO

Exposure +2   Contrats +2  Sharpen +2,5  Saturation -6

17760227_10206880555932099_301180865541761573_n.jpg 17796504_10206880555972100_6989786059146835031_n 3.jpg

17760158_10206880557212131_7069467942533332056_n.jpg 17796147_10206880556052102_5965575498537853280_n.jpg




I think taking the picture and choosing the right one is the hardest, because you have to keep your theme in consideration.

So I hope that helps, I guess I will probably have a new theme soon and I new editing technique so ill have a new post in the future, but for now, thats my tips on editing for instagram.

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