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“Woman think of all colour except the absence of colour. I have said that black has it all. White too. Their beauty is absolute. It is the perfect harmony.” – Coco Chanel.

Imagine a world without colour. It would be a boring place, like imagine eating an orange that is not orange, but black and white. Colour effects us emotionally and physically. It influences our mood and the way you feel about things. Did you know that colour increases brand recognition by 80%.

Yolandi, why do you have a black and white blog if colour is so amazing?  – i think it has to do with taste, and for me i agree 100% with Chanel, that Black and white has it all. You can never go wrong with black and white.

When looking at colour, red is the most powerful colour out there, it attracts attention, extreme popular brands for example, KFC and Coca Cola. Have you ever realised that all SALE posters are in red? well thats to grab attention, and trust me i never miss a SALE. Thanks to you colour red for grabbing my attention and making me shop like a crazy person.

The colour blue has character, it is commonly used in businesses and technology. Green is associated with health and peace, and it relates to nature. Grey is a neutral colour that creates calmness, it represents classiness, and maturity, and the list goes on and on and on.

So for 5 days i was wearing colour. YES you read right. It was awful i am not going to lie. everyday was interesting and i got the weirdest looks from people. Let me show you.

17796381_10206899518086141_2830846314999878526_n.jpg 17796521_10206899518286146_2440122564889775891_n.jpg 17554410_10206899518246145_5150762466405664399_n 17862824_10206930931951468_4072636272139887734_n 17884402_10206930932151473_628757730459436402_n

I tracked down how i felt wearing each colour as well as how people responded to me wearing the colour. For example the first day i was wearing PINK, the girls loved it, i felt like a talking pink marshmallow, but the girls thought that i looked cute and pretty, someone even said that it looks like i am a makeup artist. The second day i was wearing red, the guys complimented me, and when i was wearing green, i did not get compliments at all, rather weird looks and someone called me a hippie.

I posted three of the pics on my instagram, and in one day I lost 12 followers, it blew my mind. Clearly people did not like the random pops of colour on my feed, i didn’t like it either but it was great to experiment and to see what other people thought.


My instagram went from this to that.

Take a look at some pictures i took, showing the difference between black and white and Colour.

Black and White






I would love to get your feedback on which you prefer, Colour or black and white? Also what is your favourite colour and why?

Have a colourful day! or black and white whatever you like…

Lots of love x








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