A day in the life of a Fashion student |#1

“It’s a beautiful thing when a career and a passion comes together”

I thought that it would be a cool idea to do a little series of “a day in the life of a fashion student”. Basically so you guys can see what a fashion student does in class? trust me its not all sunshines and roses, but I sure do enjoy every single moment of it.


So my day started of as usual, me in class at 7:20, the first one, always. No one likes being here so early. I will then check my emails and social media while I drink my coffee.

My good mood is sponsored by Coffee.

After a while, as soon as other students arrived I got my material ready, to start cutting my pieces, which is nerve wrecking but its gotta happen. After like 10 minutes I would find myself day dreaming about my lunch break, and then pull myself together to finish cutting!

I was cutting out the pieces of my first item, from the first outfit for my range, and it’s a male garment. For those who don’t know, as a 3rd year Fashion Design student we have to design and make a range of 8 garments for the end of the year, and we started with outfit one, which should be finished and handed in on the 15 of May…. And the next outfit the 29 of May, and the next outfit 19 June, and so it goes on. The scary part of it all is I have other subjects to stress about too, and in between all the varsity work, I  still have Church things to take care of and I want a social life?

anyyyyway, I ended up not taking lunch but literally ate a snack in-between the cutting, which helped a lot because I had to leave early. After cutting the pieces, I started sewing! that’s my favourite part, I get soooooo excited when I can see things coming together.


Of course I had to make things complicated for myself, so I decided to hand embellish my jacket for my 1st outfit, one piece took me a whole vampire diaries episode to finish. And the amount of times I pricked my finger is insane.


My day ended off with a meeting/coffee date with two Graphic design students Skye and Ashton. So the GD students have to design a logo for the fashion students, which is so exciting, so yeah guess who will have a new logo soon?

Then I went home and took a well deserved nap!

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