Makeup | My Do’s and Don’ts

“BE as bold as your lipstick”


I am not a professional makeup artist, I just love makeup, and in this blog post I will share with you my beauty Do’s and Don’ts.

First thing! DO moisturise and prime your face before applying your foundation. When applying foundation DON’T match your foundation to your neck and DO blend it down towards your neck.


After I applied the foundation all over my face, I did some cream conturing and highlighting and to blend that in I used a beauty blender. DO use a concealer that is 1 or 2 shades lighter than your foundation.

Now why do I do cream contour and how? well basically the cream contouring just last longer and it creates a base layer of where you will put the powder. So to conceal you will apply a shade lighter than your foundation underneath your eyes in a downwards triangle shape, down your nose, your chin and under your cheekbones. The contouring shade you will apply on your cheekbones, your forehead ass well as your jaw line and your nose. Take a look at the example.


So in order to keep the highlight shades, especially under your eyes in place the whole day,  DO apply a translucent powder under your eyes. Translucent powder just makes the foundation matt and it doesn’t apply any extra colour to your face.


For brows DO use a shade that best fits your hair colour, DON’T use black eyebrow products. For Bronzer and highlighter, DON’T go overboard and simply build the product until it suits the look you are going for.

When it comes to your eyes, DO prime your eyes before applying eyeshadow, this will allow your eyeshadow to stay on longer and it will prevent the shadow from creasing. DON’T use shimmer eyeshadow in the crease of the lid.


I love winged eyeliner and when i do winged eyeliner, I DO use gel liner or liquid liner. DON’T use harsh liner or leave a harsh line. DO blend your liner if you apply on your bottom lash line.


Then of course the lips. If you are using a lipliner DO outline your lips using small strokes in the same colour as your lipstick. And when it comes to your makeup brushes DON’T use dirty brushes it is not good for your skin, and DO clean your brushes at least once a week.





And that’s it guys, let me know any of your beauty DO’s and DON’TS x

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