What’s in my bag? | 2018

“Life is short. Buy the bag”


Ever wondered what people carry around in their bags?

Wel I do?

From a small little clutch bag to a backpack, what is in there?

When I first started watching youtube videos my favourite thing to watch was the “What’s in my bag” videos, I love how honest some girls were, because at the end of the day we all have some stuff in there that should not be there, for example food crumbs, sorry not sorry.  I have always been fascinated by what woman would never leave the house without, especially celebrities.

So in this blog post I will be sharing with you the items that I always have in my bag.

My favourite bag at the moment is my Dune London bag. There is just enough space for all my stuff and its easy to carry.



I do not leave the house without my phone, even if I don’t take a bag, it will be with me in my hand or in my pocket. And I especially love my marble phone case.


There will always be a time when you have to sit and wait somewhere so why not listen to music instead of staring at people like a freak, so thats why I keep my earphones in my bag.


Travel Wallet

So this one is a new one, I recently went on holiday and got myself this lovely travel wallet so all my documents and important stuff is in there, I keep my passport and ID license in there, it’s the perfect size and it closes with a zip so you won’t loose things easily.

2018 Planner/ Journal

I always keep my journal and planner with me so I can write down ideas and plan collaborations and collections where ever I go. Both the travel wallet and my journal and planner I got from Typo. 



I have a collection growing with my perfumes, but right now my favourite is the YSL black opium, I sometimes take the full bottle but I would love the get the sample or roller ball perfumes for my bag, anyone know where to get these, be so kind and share?

 Body Lotion/ Hand Cream

I love the YSL perfume so I got the body lotion as well, so I like to keep one in my bag.



I have another collection with my sunnies, so the style depends on my outfit and my mood.



I always have at least two or more lipsticks in my bag, because 1. I either forget to put one on before I leave the house or 2. It goes off after I start eating.

Hand Sanitiser

This is important one to have, and I have a very cute one that sprays and it is the perfect size.


Coin Bag

For all the extra coins just to keep things organised.


And thats about it, sometimes depending on where I am going I will add extra things like makeup. I also always have a packet of sweets in my bag, my favourite is the fruit pastilles from Maynards. Mints, safety pins and of course not to be a typical fashion designer, and I’m not lying I always have a black thread and needle in my bag.

So that is what I carry around in my bag.

Let me know in the comments what you keep in your bag?

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