Why do I Blog | 2018

“Great things never come from comfort zones”

I knew that while I was studying that Instagram was not a big enough platform to show my creative ideas and crazy beauty tips on, and most of the time none of the pictures fit my theme on Instagram. (The struggle is real). I really wanted to find a place where I can share my “black and white closet, and colourful mind”, I knew for a fact it was not going to be youtube, not for now but who knows maybe in the future, I mean “reads quote in blog post” practice what you preach!

The past two years has been great and I feel like im only getting the hang of it now, learning new things everyday especially from other bloggers that I have been following for a long time. The most amazing part of being a blogger is meeting other bloggers with the same passion as you, and i was privileged to meet some incredible people at the EC Meet-up this year that was held by the amazing Luchae and Eleanor

Amanda Klaas

So what did I learn from this Meet-up? Well that I am extremely blessed to live in such a beautiful city as Port Elizabeth. I also learned that Petronella’s fine dining and Catering is not only very pretty but it tastes incredible. Who doesn’t love food?By Megan Kelly shared some valuable information on blogging, she’s been blogging for a long time and I love reading her blog posts, one of the things I learned was having your own domain shows you are taking your blog seriously, and out of that other people or companies are going to take you seriously, and well I just want you guys to have a look, I am now stylesbyyolandi.co.za and im so excited and proud.

Lyle from Travelstart was really inspiring as well! After blogging for 10 years he shared some amazing tips on being a blogger or how to start one, if you want to see that check it out here. As someone who has only been blogging for two years and sometimes felt like nothing is happening and im waisting my time, he just reminded me to NEVER GIVE UP! and if thats all I needed to hear then im fine with it, because im more motivated than ever! But I also learned that it’s not a bad idea to change things up a bit, did I mention I have my own domain now? sorry very excited about that!

After the event I realised that yes being a blogger is amazing and being a blogger in PE is even better! I would love to travel the world and that might just happen very soon. If you are not from PE and you want to come visit the friendly city? well there are many cheap flights to Port Elizabeth

I mean who knew about the amazing fairview race course we have? me. I knew because I have done two fashion shows there before. Port Elizabeth is full of hidden gems ready to be explored.

So maybe you can come visit our next EC Meet-up, and don’t worry you can get great deals on flights so don’t forget to click on the links and check out Travelstart.

Fashion Bloggers
Styled to the T 
Basically Kelly 
Styles By Yolandi
Cleo Allison 

Jeans – Zara
Shoes – Zara
Fanny pack – Zara Men 
Top – StylesByYolandi
Sunnies – Mr Price 

In collaboration with TravelStart

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