Full Glam Makeup | Trust the process

“I didn’t choose the glam life, the glam life chose me”

WWARNING! not suitable for readers who hate makeup

If you love makeup and you love this look and want to see my glam process and the products I use? I suggest you keep reading then.

Usually when I do clients makeup I get the strange look half way through like what are you doing to my face, even when I do my own makeup and someone walks in half way through my baking process, yes I said baking. I get it, it doesn’t make sense, but its all about the process. Applying makeup is not opening a small little vacuumed box and the full glam makeup just falls on your face, like that would be pretty cool right? well it’s not that easy, it is a process and its all about trusting it.





  • Remember full glam is not everyday makeup. I repeat NOT everyday makeup.
  • You can customise your glam makeup to fit you.
  • Glitter.
  • Don’t be afraid to try different colours on your eyes, be daring.
  • False lashes will help bring the look together, unless of course you are blessed with naturally long lashes.
  • When doing a full glam makeup look, your highlighter is your best friend.
  • Last but not least, apply your setting spray to make sure all that face is going nowhere!


If you want to see a more subtle makeup up look then go check out my Summer Makeup Look , if you want to see even more natural look or a more in depth way of how I apply makeup, please leave comments below don’t be shy.

List of products I used:


  • Benefit, The pore professional balm.
  • Justine, LUXE primer
  • Justine, Silken foundation shade porcelain
  • LA Girl, Pro HD high definition concealer


  • Essence, Eyebrow stylist set
  • Yardley, Loose powder in translucent buff
  • NYX, Highlight and contour palette
  • Essence, Shape your face contouring palette
  • Inglot, Sparkling dust



lots of love


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