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“Photography is an art of observation. It has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them” – Eliot Erwitt

okay so you just got a new outfit and you want to take a picture and you don’t know where to begin, or maybe you’re just in the mood for a photoshoot and you don’t know where to shoot or what would look good. Keep reading if you want some of my best tips and tricks when I shoot.

Over the weekend I went to Cape Town to shoot, and of course I googled “the most insta – worthy places to visit in Cape Town” because thats where I wanted to go, at the same time I did not want to shoot at the most obvious places like “wally’s cave” or on table mountain, or near the waterfront or even that gorgeous rocks where all the super models pose in their bikinis. Nope I went the other direction, and here is how I found the best locations to shoot.


1.) Why this location?

What makes this a good location? what stands out? Does it suit your instagram theme, this for me is the most difficult because sometimes I do take pictures and the colour looks amazing and I don’t want to edit it but I can’t post it. So keep that in mind. What is the story you’re telling? are you wearing anything high fashion or casual, that all depends on your location.


2.) Variety.

This is amazing if you are shooting different outfits, make sure the location looks different in all angles in that way you don’t have to move to a new location. You don’t want 10 outfit posts with the same background.


3.) What time is it.

Do you want to shoot in shade or in full sun. This all depends on what time of the day you are shooting, I like to shoot late afternoons or just before sunset, because I prefer soft light. Midday is probably the worst time to shoot because the sun is at its harshest. You also need to know how long you will be shooting there.


4.) Background

What is in my background? can I control it? sometimes we shoot in a busy street or a very popular place and its hard to find a spot without anyone in the background. Unless you want that look or feel, but then it is important to think of the other people, do they want to be in your shot? check your location to see what time is less busy and go shoot.


5.) Your Photographer

I am not a a professional photographer, and I’m pretty sure there is a lot out there that can give you the best tricks on taking the photos. But I have been very blessed with amazing brother, cousin and dad that knows how to take photos, also my self timer skills are on point (my secret is out). Finding someone that knows you and knows what you like is great, I have done photoshoots with amazing photographers but they just don’t get my aesthetic. So all I do with my photographer is simply show them the frame I want and they click the button. ( please note this is when it comes to asking friends and family for free to take a picture of you ).


6.) Access

Do you have access to the location? is it private? do you need to ask permission? That is all questions you need to ask before you rock up and shoot. You do not want trouble by shooting in places you’re not aloud to.


7.) Be different 

When you see something that looks cool, then go for it, don’t be afraid to shoot in strange locations. Those strange locations are usually the places that makes the best shots. Sometimes it gets intimidating when people walk past you, and they watch you? well just embrace it or pretend you’re some celebrity.


My mind is all over the place when it comes to taking the right picture, so sometimes when I drive around or don’t plan to shoot I get the best pictures because I will see something and right then and there say STOP! we need to take a picture there. And usually whoever is with me will be like “UHHHHH” because well someones gotta take it.

Take a look at what I shot in Cape Town and ill give you some behind the scenes details on how I got the picture.

SO with these two pictures, I knew about the yellow fields, but I did not think we will find a way in. So on our road trip I saw an entrance, an open gate to the beautiful flowers. It was breathtaking, just yellow wherever you see. Now this is not a colour I prefer, but I mean? who does not want to run around in a field full off flowers and it just made me think how wonderful is God’s creation?  It reminded me of the scripture 2 Samuel 22:20

“He stood me up on a wide-open field;
I stood there saved—surprised to be loved!”


Next photos was interesting, so I styled myself very edgy and I wanted to shoot in a street in Cape Town, but we first took a drive around Gordans Bay, I’ve never seen that side off Cape Town. It was extremely windy and we had to stop so that the dog can do its thing. (yes Leo had his first road trip) The sun was shining and even tho the wind was hectic something about the road and the mountains just made think I should shoot right here, right now. And this is the shots we got.



So when I googled the most insta-worthy places to visit, a place called Babylonstoren came up, and well thats where we went, its a wine farm somewhere very far, we did not think it was that far of a drive, but for the pictures it was worth it. The only problem was when we got there, I realised that my outfit was not going to work, but I made a plan, called back up (MOM, can I please wear your top) yup thats what happened and it worked and it looked great. thanks mom!

And well there you have it. Let me know what is your favourite places to shoot? I also saw this challenge on youtube where they have to shoot in very ugly locations and make it look pretty. Who wants to do that with me? let me know.

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