WOMEN’S MONTH #2 | Not just a pretty girl

Empowered woman, Empower woman

I want to thank everyone for entering my women’s month blog post competition, and then congratulation to Sinead Terblanche who won!!!

Trying to match a title to the face is more difficult than it seems, we tend to judge by the looks and think, no she can’t be “this” because she’s to “this”. At the end of the day, we are shocked to find out what the titles are behind these ladies, with degrees behind your name or not, being a mom or not, we are all amazing in what we do and we do it with confidence.

I decided to ask the ladies to give me their definition of being a woman, and what it means to them. And of course now you can see what the titles are.

Dr Buyiswa Hlangothi 

Chemistry lecturer at Nelson Mandela University

Business Women’s Association Government Category Winner 2018

 A woman lives a full life. She lives on the edge, she takes risks, makes mistakes and sometime fails. A woman is not perfect but used in a perfect way. She’s an example of hope, faith, love unlimited grace and obedience.

To be a woman means you have authority directly and indirectly. Directly, we can speak positive words to build our society, families and other woman. We can uplift man and boys by teaching them about us and our complex bodies and how to treat a lady without compromising moral values.

A woman is a receiver, thats the original design that God intended, thats part of our purpose. Therefore we have to work smart to use what we receive. A woman’s purpose was distorted by society and cultural values by taking the intrinsic differences between male and females to devalue a woman. Things have changed, we make huge contribution in the world, no doubt about it.

Let us not try to alter the original design… WE are perfect with our imperfections.

Amoré Kora

Attorney at Greyvensteins Incorporated PE

What makes me a woman???

It’s easy to give that generic list of being a sister, having a strong character, a big heart, and being loyal to all my loved ones etc…
But to be honest what makes me identify with being a woman, is that I simply don’t care what other people preserve me to be. I am wonderfully complex and FABULOUS. I embrace all that I am and am unapologetic for it.

Kelly Clarkson said it best –
“ I’m a strong bad ass chick with classic confidence”.

Luchae William

Mother of 4 

Blogger at My spreadsheet brain

To me, being a woman means having the power to be whoever I want to be! Women have been given the strength and endurance that enables them to juggle being a mom, wife, boss, kick-ass employee, sister, amazing friend all at the same time, with breaking a sweat. Being a woman means I don’t have to choose – I can do all things and be exactly who God has called me to be.


Nadine Barnard

BCOM Student 


To me being a woman means I can look like a princess and act like a boss. To be a woman means that I can be confident and comfortable with who I am. I am allowed to love unconditionally because I receive unmeasurable love from God.

To be a woman means I can stay strong and help those who aren’t, and lastly it includes loving myself and loving God who created me.



Theresa Muller

Business Owner

Owner of Bonamia Restaurant 

What it means to be a woman

When I think about what it means to be a woman, I think about this phrase I heard; Equally powerful, distinctly different. We are not defined as woman based on our physical features but we are more than we ourselves could understand. In the bible, women weren’t moulded, they were fashioned. There is time that went into making us and I think when God made us, He hid some of His secrets within us. We don’t need to compete with or be better than men as there is a unique nature to us that we as women need to fulfil. In all our diversity as women, we are all equally powerful without having to be the same. Some us still need to discover it.

Jessi Heatley


Athletics Coach at Jessi Heatley Sprints and Hurdles Academy

A Woman is a special individual. We as woman have soft, caring and compassionate side who are the glue to a thriving family or household. Yet we also have the drive to succeed with the will and determination to achieve anything we set our mind to.

Leandra Ribeiro

Makeup Artist

She sprouted love like flowers, grey a garden in her mind. And even on the darkest days, from her smile the sun still shined.

Kelly Adams

Ballet Dancer

Blogger at Basically Kelly

Being a woman means being confident and having the drive that I can and achieve anything no matter my shape or size. I am strong and giving of myself to every aspect of my life.

Amy Van Niekerk

Student Teacher

I am a woman because I am strong, I am loving and I am determined. I have a desire to help people and make a difference. My heart is the happiest when I surf and surround myself with God’s creations. Megan Markle says that woman do not need to find their voice. They need to feel empowered to use it, and people need to be encouraged to listen to it.

Sesethu Gqomo

Radio Presenter

Being a woman does not mean, being a better version of men, but being the best version of a woman. At times, women are so caught up in competing with men, instead of the owning the power we possess.
We need to celebrate our strengths and embrace the beauty and majesty of being these strong yet delicate beings.
Womanhood for me means is the ability to do so many different things and do it gracefully and elegantly. Womanhood is being Beautifully, Powerfully, YOU!

Yolandi Barnard

Fashion Designer

Bachelor of visual arts Degree 2018 NMU

My dreams were never to grow up and be like Beyonce or any other famous successful woman, my dream was to grow up and be the best Yolandi Barnard there has ever been! I always say that I am working on myself for myself, and its important to not become something or someone for the sake of others. But being a woman also means that we have the ability and the voice to change things, and helping other woman is just as important as taking care of yourself.

Being a woman means confidence! There is nothing more beautiful than someone who is confident in themselves, if you’re not going to believe in yourself then how can you want someone else to.

I am who God says I am. And he told me that I am fearfully and wonderfully made, and His works are wonderful. I am a proverbs 31 woman!



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