I have a secret

“Real is rare”

I have a secret.


Im Guilty, but here I am being honest and open…. guys I do not look like my instagram in real life…I don’t always have flawless makeup and a styled outfit, I don’t always look so perfectly postured and fancy, for those who know me will know, I live in my pyjamas, I’m actually super dorky, clumsy and embarrassing. Now that my big secret is out, let me talk to you about instagram vs reality.

Instagram has become such a huge part of our lives that we basically spend 3 to 4 hours a day ( for those of you with the new iOS update, yeah we can see this shocker) checking other peoples “instagram lives” with the beautiful artistic images of the places we want to see and the people we would love to be like. But then there is a reality that hits you hard knowing that most photos on instagram is unrealistic and this does often lead to people getting jealous or unhappy, we look at these girls with their gorgeous bodies and perfect skin and feel like but how ? Am I the only person that wants to live in other peoples instagram? , but its all about angles and posing the right way, capturing that perfect moment, and unfortunately we have fallen for that trap of I want to look like that.

So the reality behind my instagram Is not as glamorous as it seems, most of my portrait photos I take in my room against my wall, which means I am probably wearing pjs, and 80% of the photos came out wrong, where my eyes are closed or I pulled my face funny. I sometimes take a few pictures in the same day with different looks and thats all I do for one day, then I post them over a couple of weeks. I don’t go to coffee shops everyday, I don’t wear my best clothes everyday. Shoutout to Spar close to my house for seeing me at my best and worst.

Funny story, the one lady at Spar stopped me one day and said: “The girl that likes black and white so much” so I looked at her, smiled and said oh, do you follow me on Instagram? and she replied saying that she does not, but she always sees me wearing black and white. ( So thats a reality guys, I don’t wear colour, even outside of Instagram )

Im all about being real, so I would love to show you the unedited images as well as the reality pictures if you want I will be sharing the process of how I take my pictures and how I pose on the blog. But this post is all about the flops and trust me there is a lot of them.

So obviously I do have a theme, so most of my pictures are edited in such a way that the background has no colour in it except for me sometimes I add some cool light effects or put a dust effect on to give the photo a little more excitement. Take a look


So here you can see the perfect example of how sometimes you get the perfect shot vs one where your face and hair does not work with you and the selfie timer went off when the light in the room changed.


okay… guys my cousin took this shot of me posing, pretending to get out of the pool in slow motion… but then she also took a picture of me actually getting out of the pool.




I remember this day so clearly, the wind was blowing like crazy and I am telling you the amount of “reality” pictures like this one was insane, I was more worried about my eyelashes blowing off than anything else.






when you go to a hotel and theres a fancy bath obviously you’re going to fill it up to the the rim and take pictures, on instagram you see a perfectly timed photo of us posing, and in reality I was too late for the timer and half of the water ended up on the floor.

You don’t always get the perfect shot right? thanks to my friend Ashton for knowing that getting the perfect shot means taking like 20 pictures non stop, and obviously that means you will get the random flops in between. I probably said something like: “here, hold my fanny pack”.



This one picture was the only one I liked between almost 40 other pictures, the sun was in my eyes, and the wind blew my hair in my red lipgloss, and it kept smudging and yeah, only one came out nice.


The reality behind taking outfit pictures in a mirror is always making sure no one else is in your background and also make sure no one can notice its in Mr Price dressing room. Well here you can see the reality.



I had so much fun going through all my pictures again and to see the flops,  but with this fun I noticed how Im just a human being, I’m not perfect, I have flaws, I don’t have a perfect body or a perfect life and guys I want to encourage you to focus on yourself and who you are, don’t compare yourself to other people, especially without knowing the reality. A Instagram Influencer Chessie King uses her Instagram to promote body-positivity and she shows the reality to her instagram pictures by how the way she poses makes such a huge difference to her body. It’s all about the angles. Check out her Instagram HERE.

I encourage you to post a picture on instagram with your “Reality” picture as well and please tag me in it. Lets be real out here and show everyone else the story behind the picture.

I hope you enjoyed this post, see you soon.

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