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If you are here for some deep blog post with a lot of meaning and inspiration then you got the wrong post, maybe check out my post where I talk about “MY BIG SECRET”   

but if you want to look at some really cool pictures of me trying to look like a celebrity, I repeat TRYING, then you’re on the right page.

So a while ago I saw a video from the awesome Kelsey Simone on youtube where she recreated Vogue Cover shoots, and I though it was so cool that I tried it myself, instead of doing vogue cover shoots I decided to take a celebrity and choose two of my favourite shoots from them and recreate it. Now this was not as easy as I thought it would be, because well I don’t have a team of people that did my makeup styled my outfits and planned the shoot from location to an amazing photographer or assistants like you get the idea, I did it ALL BYYYY MYSEEELLFF ( I was singing this while typing).


Now the original idea was to do more than two looks, but it was so hard and took quite a lot of my time I decided to stick with two, but do more celebrities in the future.

The first look is insane, Selena is wearing a fire red suit against a black painted brick wall, her hair sleeked back and natural makeup. Luckily I have a red suit, that I wore to my graduation, believe it or not. So I wore that, and we found an awesome wall that looks exactly like the one in her picture, hair and makeup was quick and easy, just straightened my hair and did my everyday makeup.


Blazer – ZARA

Pants – YDE

The next shoot was so much fun, Selena is drinking Ice coffee and wearing an off the shoulder white top with her hair up in some type of up do, don’t ask me what it is, I don’t know its messy and cool at the same time. I tried it and it came out okay after a few minutes of trying then redoing it. I don’t have a white off the shoulder top so I took a piece of fabric and wrapped it around me and I secured it with pegs at the back.


basically this is a white piece of fabric wrapped around me.

Seattle coffee of course


Let me know what you think.

PLEASE give your opinion on what celebrity I must do next or any specific shoot I must recreate, even if it’s your own, send me a DM with the photo you want me to recreate and I will mention you on my instagram and blog in the next post.

all the love







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