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“forget the mistake, remember the lesson”

So its 2019 and I’m back, I had a few ideas of what I wanted to do this year when it comes to blogging, but I changed my mind again.. I mean whats a mind if you can’t change it. So instead of talking some s/s 2019 trends and all the crazy fashion talk lets go back to helping you out. It’s a new year and maybe you want to try and dress better or maybe feel more comfortable in your clothes or maybe you want to be confident in knowing what you’re wearing is right.

Thats why I am here! I got you!

We will be talking about some mistakes we all make when it comes to fashion, and not in style ( check my post about style/fashion ) I will also give some easy tips/tricks to help prevent these mistakes.


I don’t think it has ever been in style to look like you just rolled out of the washing machine, make sure your clothes are ironed and steamed before wearing it. Make sure you hang your clothes especially the ones that wrinkle easy so that you don’t have to iron it every time.


There are different underwear for different occasions, make sure that you are wearing the right one. For example if you are wearing white pants… this is difficult I know ladies but try and buy the seamless skin colour undies or especially a thong, that fits right, and is not too tight, if its too tight it will show through any pants not just white. Also something really cool is you get thong bodysuits, I mean now you can wear a tight pants or skirt with your body suit without stressing about the panty lines.


Girls… Being half naked does not mean you look sexier, being sexy is all about how you carry yourself, and to me the only thing that is sexy is confidence. So wear your clothes, add your layers, cover your shoulders, and wear it with confidence. That my friend is what I call sexy.


Make sure your clothes fit you right, if its way to big get it altered if its too small, its time to toss it away or give it to someone who can fit in it. So oversized is a thing, and I absolutely love oversized shirts and oversized jackets, but oversized doesn’t mean it doesn’t fit you, it’s a style. So when I say make sure your clothes fit you is simply when your pants clearly is too big like the example below, then simply add a belt and it will look like a paper bag denim, or if your pants are too long, take it in, because there’s a big difference between oversized and slouchy.


Dont limit yourself! I hear a lot of people saying things like, I’m too old too wear this or I’m too short. I repeat, don’t limit yourself. So everyone has different styles and limits, so my “playing it safe” might just be your “extra”. So for example if you have ever thought about an outfit in your head and decided not to wear it out in public because you’re too afraid, then you should. Step out of your comfort zone and wear the fur coat or the sneakers, be you, and… don’t limit yourself.


There you go, 5 fashion mistakes we all make, I hope this helped you in some way, please leave a comment below if you have any questions on the points.

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