Fashion Police | Grammy Awards 2019

“it’s not about standing out, but being remembered”

Remember last year, we spoke about the fashion at the Grammy awards, I loved it so much that I decided to do it again this year. When you think it can’t go any better it does. or will it get worse? You will have to read to find out.

I asked my Instagram followers in a poll on my insta stories to vote YASSS or Hell no! on some of the best and worst looks of the Grammys and here you can read all about who wore what and if my followers loved it or not, and my favourite part is pretending I’m the fashion police by giving my honest review on the fashion this year.

Remember fashion is ART, there is no right or wrong in fashion, it is simply opinionated.

one of my favourite quotes and you have probably heard this one, is:

“She never looked nice, she looked like art, and art wasn’t supposed to look nice; it was supposed to make you feel something”

So the Grammy awards I believe is a carpet to show off your style, a place to stand out and make a statement and while some celebrities showed us some insane looks from avant guard to simple and elegant some celebrities completely missed it, lets take a look.

Shawn Mendes
YASSS – 88% HELL NO – 12%

Shawn Mendes looked dashing in a navy suit by Paul Smith and Givenchy shoes, I mean this is a simple clean look, nothing exciting but he looks so good with his shirt unbottoned , and walking the red carpet with his dad made him even cuter, who ever voted hell no is there something wrong with your eyes ?

Janelle Monáe
YASSS – 38% HELL NO – 62%

This singer always stands out on the red carpet and the thing that excites me most about her is that she’s not afraid to be different, it’s her style. Monáe is wearing a very well tailored dress with oversized shoulders by Jaun Paul Guiltier and a square hat, the gold you see at the top is safety pins, how cool?

Jada Pinket Smith
YASSS – 76% HELL NO – 24%

Jada stunned the carpet in this feather-covered train and sequinned leotard dress. woah what a description, all I can say is when I’m 47 I want to look that good, with not to much skin, but just enough to show off her toned body. Also I want this dress.

Dua Lipa
YASSS – 81% HELL NO – 19%

The award winning artist Dua lipa looked like a very elegant disco ball in her Versace dress, honestly I think she can do a little bit better for the carpet, the dress she wore to perform, now thats a dress. But not too bad.

Pusha T
YASSS – 80% HELL NO – 20%

Okay, I love giving my feedback on the mens fashion because it’s so cool to see guys stepping out and wearing something different than a plain suit, so this suit by Thom Browne had a classic spin to it, and I loved it.

Post Malone
YASSS – 33% HELL NO – 67%

This is a love hate relationship over here, I hate that I love it. This salmon /soft pink with silver covered stars was designed in collaboration with costume designer Catherine Hahn. I love this bold look, I just wished the fit was a little bit better. My Instagram followers did not agree with this look as much as I did, someone mentioned that maybe he should have worn the pieces separately someone else said no.. next, while 33% said yassss only because well he is Post Malone and we don’t expect anything less from him.

YASSS – 69% HELL NO – 31%

Miguel in SSS World corp, interesting.. I like the jacket and purple pants, I hate the flower.

Leon Bridges
YASSS – 24% HELL NO – 76%

I wondered if his mom sewed the patches on? you know like those blankets? This bode suit (can I call it a suit?) is giving me major country vibes and I actually like it a lot. sorry not sorry.

J Balvin
YASSS – 38% HELL NO – 62%

Thank you J Balvin and Dior. This jacket is such a cool spin to a tailored suit, so much fun, I wish it was a blacker black? is that possible

YASSS – 80% HELL NO – 20%

Hate the hair Zedd. But the Emporia Armani double breasted suit is fire.

Bebe Rexha
YASSS – 68% HELL NO – 32%

I have a lot to say. First thing first, designers apparently did not want to dress her because she’s too big? the only big thing about her is her amazing voice and her bank account, so shame on you. Secondly it was a blessing because she got to wear this stunning monsoori dress. Its hard to wear red on a red carpet but this was flames…see what i just did there. I don’t understand why this got 32% hell no’s ?

Anna Kendrick
YASSS – 51% HELL NO – 49%

Anna Kendrick, little fluff ball. I like it but I also don’t. This Ralph & Russo dress is something else, I have mixed feelings, and I feel like this is not her style, it would have looked better on someone else.

Cardi B
YASSS – 22% HELL NO – 78%

Okay.. Cardi in Mugler. This is actually a vintage piece that dates back to 1995. Let me tell you as strange as this look is, only miss cardi can rock a clamshell dress with pearls in her hair.

Katy Perry
YASSS – 2% HELL NO 98%

I love Balmain, but this dress makes me laugh. It looks like a toilet roll doll, or a cake went wrong said one of my followers. Worst part off it all is that she even looked uncomfortable in it. To the 2% that liked this dress, we can’t be friends.

YASSS – 56% HELL NO – 44%

J Lo can wear a trash bag and still look good, this elegant Ralph and Russo dress with the high neck and embellishments is such a statement, not too much but just enough. The hat on the other hand I’m not a big fan of, I don’t know maybe if you have a bad hair day thats a look.

Lady Gaga
YASSS – 78% HELL NO – 22%

Sorry Dua Lipa, this is the actual disco ball. I liked this Celine dress worn by the star Lady Gaga, I somehow wish it was in a slightly more expensive looking fabric, and some off my followers agreed to that.

Kylie Jenner
YASSS – 36% HELL NO – 64%

Now this is Balmain that I love. Thanks Kylie for being daring and making a statement, though others might disagree with this look, I think theres a lot more of this coming just wait and see. Also looks like pink is very in this season.

Camilla Cabello
YASSS – 58% HELL NO – 42%

Not this pink tho. The fit is not so great, and I don’t think the colour worked on the carpet. It’s a boring long sleeve dress with an open back and glitter, looks like every girls prom dress for the past 2 years. Maybe if the fit was better id like it, but boring. You can do better.

Andra Day
YASSS – 4% HELL NO 96%

Andra day, throw this outfit far away.. If this was a sixties dress up party, she might have won best dressed.

YASSS – 25% HELL NO – 75%

Have you ever struggled to put your sleeping bag back in its little bag and it just falls back out again? well Ashanti’s dress everyone.

Miley Cyrus
YASSS – 78% HELL NO – 22%

Miley Cyrus skipped the crazy look and went for a classic suit, I really like this look, the hair the makeup, the piercings in her ear. Also do yourself a favour and check out her shoes from the back.


I could go on and on, there is a lot more looks I would have loved to talk about, but I need to stop now. All I’m saying is what a red carpet.

What was your favourite look and not so favourite look for the night? let me know in the comments below.

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