Instagram VS Reality #2

“Real is really rare”

Last year I confessed one of my biggest secrets.. “I do not look like my Instagram in real life” check out my previous blog post here.

Just a recap, Instagram has become such a huge part of our lives and I am guilty, I spend at lest 3 to 4 hours a day on Instagram. And yeah sometimes I get a little bit envious of people living their best lives, one of my friends recently said: ” Im trying to live my best life guys but pick & pay says no…” I mean living is expensive and some people are blessed, or it just looks like they are blessed on Instagram, because well we don’t know behind the scenes. Most pictures on Instagram are unrealistic and that leads to people being jealous or unhappy.

So I like to be real with you guys and now you will see some of my Instagram post that you probably have seen before, but you get to see the unedited picture as well as the behind the scenes which I like to call….Reality.


I always take a picture with my coffee, if you go onto my feed atleast 40% is pictures of me with coffee, most of these pictures are taken by whoever is with me that day, and of course I get the usual stares in the coffee shop like, “really girl whats so cool about taking pictures with your coffee” I mean sometimes I even rearrange the tables just to make it look good for the photo. check my reality… I wasn’t ready


I don’t do bikini pictures often and posting this took a lot out of me, but I just want to share the unedited with you guys, it was a good day and a good angle and yes Im not a size 6 and thats okay, I love my body and I love my curves. I still remember how extremely sunburned I was in this picture as you can see, I took some of the redness out in my edited picture and of course took out my background colour.


Honestly this is one of my favourite Instagram VS Reality moments because well from being all elegant and the wind blowing my hair to being exactly who I am everyday.


I mean if your house does not match the christmas decor then edit your pictures so it looks like it does. Also most of my pictures turn out to look like this reality. Yeah thats a Christmas food baby you see.


Here is a picture that shows how much perspective changes things, basically I cropped the picture and expanded the sky so that I am perfectly in the middle that makes me look taller which I’m not, and obviously I edited out most of the colour. So reality is there was only one picture that actually came out like I wanted it to.


I remember taking this picture, I actually laughed so much because every time I get ready to pose someone walks into my frame, finally got the picture just cropped the man in the background out.


This was one of my recent pictures on the gram, I stopped the traffic for this pic.. and by traffic I mean the guy on the bike who thought that I was absolutely crazy. Thanks mom for checking for cars, and also my dad for being such a cool photographer.


So here I am asking random people around me to take my picture, and little miss Karis decided this is the perfect photo opportunity, I mean we can see who’s the real model here, not me. The saddest part was to ask her to not be in my picture, but I gave her sweets afterwards so I think she forgave me.. (sorry Luchae)


And of course another coffee picture, in reality I probably said something like, “i don’t think you’re doing this right mom, let me see”


Going through my photos, and theres 16000 of them on my phone… did not only bring back memories but it also reminded me of how I am just a human, I am not perfect. I want to remind you to not look down on yourself and don’t compare yourself because of what you see on someone else Instagram, continue to work on yourself for yourself! One of the best representations of beauty is someone who is unafraid to be herself.

I hope you liked this post, don’t forget to follow me on instagram @stylesbyyolandi, I had exciting things happening as well as a giveaway you do not want to miss.

all the love x

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