All this Jewellery they gon’ notice me | part 1

“I see it, I like it, I want it and I got it”

Okay so this blog post was supposed to go up a while ago, but for some reason my website crashed on me and well now it’s working again. So this post was going to be about the competition I hosted but now it will be a series on jewellery that I will call “all this jewellery they gon’ notice me”

Basically it will be a photo series of different kinds of jewellery and I will add tips on how to style it, I mean this is stylesbyyolandi.


Today’s style tip is:


A statement I use often is, “Go big or go home” or “more is more” I’m extra okay, and even if you are not extra, creating layers is a must! Create layers using rings, necklaces and of course earrings

When it comes to layering necklaces, use contrasting lengths, different shapes and even colours, yes… black and white crazy just said colour. Instead of just wearing one necklace wear 3 in different lengths to draw the attention up to your face.

Layering rings is also really in style right now, don’t be afraid to wear two rings on one finger. Try big chunky rings and dainty ones together, also mixing metals is a must, but we will talk about that in the next style tip

Earrings.. probably my favourite thing to layer, especially when you have 6 piercings and counting, I mean obviously you can’t really layer unless you have more than two piercings, but yeah don’t be afraid to wear two different statement earrings on the same ear, and if you don’t have piercings, try ear cuffs.

I know the question now is, Yolandi where can I get jewellery like this, and well its simple. Visit Mooiste Clothing in 184 Main Road Walmer and you can find the most amazing stirling silver pieces. And great news, you can receive anything in the store at 15% discount using my discount code- styles15.

Go shopping girls!


Jewellery – Mooiste

Makeup – Makeup By Yolandi

Lashes – Lovella lashes

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