Sport meets Style

Exercise… ? ohhhh I thought you said accessorise.

I’d like to think I know what I’m doing, but I will leave the sport to the sporty, I’m here for the style.

I really want to do more editorial photoshoots, completely inspired by Andrew Murphy. And extra is my middle name, so why not add the thing I absolutely suck at in a photoshoot and thats sport. Catching the ball in this picture took a while, but I had so much fun.

Lets talk about my outfit

I decided to keep the sporty trend, so I went for my adidas track pants, honestly so comfortable, with my Calvin Klein sports bra, obviously didn’t want to be too revealing so I added a mesh crop top! Added some heels because why not play tennis in heels. For the next tennis look I wore a black and white body suit, paired with a black and white stripe denim jacket with some sneakers.

“Black & White always looks modern, whatever that word means”- Karl Lagerfeld.

Let’s talk about my outfit

I really love the idea of tight knee length knit dresses paired with sneakers, so I wore my favourite one and added this really cool biker jacket with the most incredible detail work as well as tassels.

I never wear this jacket, its way to heavy and I think sometimes I just don’t know how to style it, I know… stylesbyyolandi cmon girl. But after this shoot I have been so inspired to wear this jacket, I think its got to do with confidence, you can wear the most ridiculous outfit but if you wear it with confidence then it’s going to look good. Or atleast you are going to make it look good.

Of course my brother had to jump in and get a few shots as well.

I want to thank @Maverick for being such a good sport 😉 (see what I did there) honestly he is such a cool guy and so easy to work with and is super open to crazy ideas. Make sure to go check him out.

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Outfit details

Style 1

  • Pants – adidas
  • Top – Mr Price
  • sports bra – Calvin Klein
  • Shoes – Edgars

Style 2

  • Bodysuit – Factorie
  • Jacket – Factorie
  • shoes – Nike
  • Socks – Adidas

Style 3

  • Dress – Mr Price
  • Jacket – Vintage
  • Shoes – Nike
  • Socks – Adidas

stylesbyyolandi xx

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