A day in the life of a fashion designer//

“It’s a beautiful thing when a career and a passion comes together”

In May 2017, I wrote my first “a day in the life of” but then I was fashion student. I was in my 3rd year of studying fashion design and I really wanted to share with the world what I was up to. Most people have this idea in their head about what its all about, but not everyone was 100% sure so I thought I’d share. Click HERE and HERE, to see my previous posts.

Welcome to a day in the life of a fashion designer.

Sounds glamorous right? not so much. I think as soon as I make gang money it will be glamorous but at this moment I’m not there yet… I repeat yet. As for now I am doing Custom Designs and working on my range.

So this is an average day, waking up whenever I want to because I’m my own boss, I love being my own boss, but obviously if Im not going to work I’m not going to make the money I want, so I will drink my coffee and go through my emails, check my diary and see what my to do list is for the day.

So custom designs is what I’m working on currently, and how that works is you come have a chat with me on anything you want to have made, and I will sit with you and design for you, I love styling “note to why I am stylesbyyolandi” thats why I hate the idea of copying a picture of a dress, I like to design according to your style and body shape.

So far I have been very busy, and right now I am supposed to be working, but I decided to take a break and enjoy the sun outside listening to the birds chirp. You need to take breaks guys especially if you are in the same building everyday… anyway

So I want to share my heart with you guys, I work hard to produce and manufacture my custom designs, and it costs a lot, so when you come for a design or when you buy one of my items it’s not made in a factory with underpaid staff it’s not mass produced, its hand made from scratch by myself with my two machines, I do everything from the concept to the fabric choices including the pattern, I have to thread my machines myself, I have to do the cutting and the ironing and I have to clean up after myself.. not so glamorous right? well it’s my passion, yeah sure I could buy a t shirt and print my name on it sell it online and call myself a fashion designer, but nope, another fashion design graduate can agree with me on this one, there is a lot more behind just ‘starting a brand.’

Yeah, I have a lot to learn and a lot to experience in the fashion industry and yeah my name is not out there yet, but starting from the bottom isn’t all that bad, it takes time, and I have learnt to not compare my story to someone else because at the end of the day its about your own personal process and growth.

Just for the people out there that is confused, look at the following definitions:


Or Seamster- is a man or woman who sews clothes from an existing pattern a seamstress can mostly only sew in a straight line and only the cut that he/she is given, performs several operations, does not sew the product completely.


Is someone who usually alters a garment. They will take measurements, hem pants, make sure the shoulders of a jacket fit correctly, they will take in or let out seams of a garment. They “tailor” the clothing to fit.


is someone who takes a concept, creates a vision, all the way from fabric choice, color, sewing, buttons, pattern, execution, movement, to reality. Often, they have a team of people working with them, however, that is not always the case, if they are lucky enough to have a design studio, yes, but sometimes they will do their own sewing on an initial design, such as a custom piece for a client. They are involved with every process of bringing their creation to life, even models and marketing for their brand.

So what am I doing now ? with my life? I don’t know. But when it comes to fashion, you guys… I am making my very first wedding dress, thats right, Virgil Abloh watch out, stylesbyyolandi is coming for you.

It was so much fun designing this dress and now I am in the process of making it, there is a lot of detail work, which is so my style and I’m very excited for that, I am also recording the whole process for IGTV that I will post on the 17th of December, stay tuned.

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